Nutritional Therapy

As a nutritional therapist I work using nutritional science and evidence-based research to best support my client’s. I use the Functional Medicine Model to assess the overall health of the individual. Functional Medicine takes a holistic approach looking at the whole person rather than a specific symptom. It allows me to dive deeper and allows me to get to the heart of what is going on with my clients. A functional approach creates a personalised, individualised diet and lifestyle plan, creating long lasting results that actually work.


Using the Functional Medicine Model all imbalances within the body will be identified. These imbalances can be brought on through stress, diet, poor nutrition and environment driven diseases. In our modern day lives we struggle to obtain vital nutrients, we live of processed foods, live amongst harmful toxins, pesticides and antibiotics are a quick fix. These all contribute to imbalances within the body resulting in poor health and the development of chronic disease.


Within a consultation I will work alongside you to get to the root cause, identify all imbalances and lifestyle related issues. The body has an innate ability to heal, diet and nutrition are fundamental in the process and powerful tools. With increased energy, vitality and an overall sense of wellness you can live with confidence and ease.

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My Services



  • 1 Hour Consultation

  • Full Medical History Discussion

  • Detailed Nutrition Plan

  • Supplement Recommendations

  • Lifestyle Support

How does a consultation work?

Sophie Sutton Nutrition

Nutritional Therapy Consultation

In a typical nutritional therapy consultation, I will spend an hour discussing your previous medical health history, looking at all body systems such as digestive health, cardiovascular health, endocrine system and so on. The initial consultation will cover an in depth discussion of health related goals, the symptoms you would like to address, your health history, relationships with food and lifestyle factors. Within the consultation I will look at a 4-day food diary which will be sent to you to fill in prior to the consultation.

After Initial Consultation

After the initial consultation you will receive a detailed nutrition plan to follow for a period of 4-8 weeks. 

The plan will include all dietary and lifestyle recommendations as well as supplements. A follow-up appointment is typically arranged around 4-weeks after the initial consultation to monitor progress.

Follow Up Consultation

A follow-up appointment is typically arranged around 4-weeks after the initial consultation to monitor progress.


Functional Testing

At times I will suggest further testing to be carried out to help better understand the nutritional requirements of my clients. These tests are functional tests and allow for a deeper understanding of imbalances within the body. Functional testing includes some of the following:

Food Intolerance


Full Hormonal


Adrenal Stress



Stool Analysis

Functional Blood

Chemistry Analysis

*All Functional Tests are not included within the Consultation Fees

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